Signature Blowdry

Signature Blowdry


Frizz free hair for up to 8 weeks in Just 20 Minutes!, that’s what ALFAPARF Milano is promising with their new salon exclusive Keratin smoothing system launching this month.

Using Babassu oil form the Amazon, and a special patented formulation called kera-collagen complex with Glycolic acid, leaves the hair with 58% more manageability instantly, and humidity abay.

“Frizz free for up to 8 weeks in just 20 minutes”


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More About Signature Blowdry

Industry insiders say up to seven out of 10 women are not satisfied with their look and would like to have more manageable and frizz-free hair every day.  The market’s answer to the problem of manageable and frizz-free hair has been a whole range of Keratin smoothing products all coming at the problem from a specific angle: some to remove the frizz-effect, others to develop and define curls, while other Keratin-based lines worked to achieve that always desirable smooth, natural wave or light movement.
ALFAPARF, the Milan-based hair care company, set its world-renowned product development and research team the daunting task of developing a Keratin treatment that retained the active ingredients and effectiveness but didn’t just address one specific problem like frizziness or curl definition. The experts at ALFAPARF asked the million-dollar question: what if Keratin could be made flexible enough to give women the freedom to choose the form they have always yearned for? That was the question. And the news from Milan is that they’ve come up with what looks likely to be a million-selling answer.
From ALFAPARF Milano research labs comes Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Flexible. The very first long-lasting keratin styling treatment which removes the frizz effect in just 20 minutes and re-moulds the hair form to the desired effect, smoothing the hair progressively and lasting up to eight weeks.  Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Flexible is 100% safe and formaldehyde-free, sulphate-free, salt-free and paraben-free.
Express Flex …Now you can have an express service that offers you your Signature Blow Dry - whether you want smooth, wavy or defined frizz-free curls, or even if you want to go from a curl to a more tousled and frizz-free movement.
After every bespoke or Signature Blow Dry service, hair looks smoother and results are improved upon service by service. It’s pristine after a smoothing treatment (such as Lisse Design) and the hair always stays in place.
The system comprises two fluids working in harmony: One is a Moulding Fluid which immediately removes the frizz effect and, as the service is repeated, reduces the hair volume and re-moulds the hair structure without breaking down the sulphur bonds, giving the hair an increasingly smoother form. The other is a Sealing Fluid specifically formulated in the ALFAPARF labs to improve Lisse Design Flexible as it seals the hairs cuticles, adding incredible shine and softness. It creates a light invisible film around the hair which removes the electrostatic charge and protects it from humidity.  
In just 20 minutes, you can fix the frizz and here’s how it’s done…first there is a deep cleansing shampoo followed by blow-drying the hair - though not fully. The Moulding Fluid is applied and then the hair is slightly blow-dried after which the Sealing Fluid is applied and the hair is brushed and flat ironed.
Its key ingredients re-mould the hair form and instill new keratin bonds without breaking them down. It is a formula specifically developed for progressive results and includes Babassu Oil, a precious Amazonian oil that makes the hair soft, manageable and shiny.
After the initial salon treatment, ALFAPARF recommends merely a standard maintenance routine of specially formulated Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Flexible products comprising: shampoo, conditioner, Keratin Refill and The Oil (Babassu). All are free from sulphates, salts and parabens.
Lisse Design Flexible is suitable for all hair types.You can even have a Lisse Design Flexible service immediately after a colour/bleach or form treatment.
ALFAPARF Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Flexible is imaginative, superb, and gives you the proven results of Keratin but with a whole new freedom to perfect and customise your look. Above all that, it’s incredibly affordable at only twice the cost of a salon blow dry price (including the blow dry service) and is available exclusively in salons.