Semi di Lino Hairspray

Semi di Lino Hairspray

SDL-Styling PP013759-FOLDER EN-WEB-3Semi di Lino - STYLING - Ultimate shine touch.

Essentials for your salon

The perfect finishing touch to any blow-dry or styling service, from the most natural to the most structured look. Hairsprays fix and exalt your creations, giving your customers that satisfied smile that makes the difference.

Increasingly also in your customers’ homes

A passé product category? Nothing could be further from the truth! Today millions of women, even the youngest, consider hairsprays an essential instrument for the creation of any style, from classic looks to the unconventional. And they expect increasingly specific promises from them. Fixing is no longer enough.

What are they for?

They sculpt, fix and bring shine to the style to make it impeccable. They make it possible to create all types of «architectural style» with ease and to satisfy all types of obsessions in terms of look, by leaving the hair exactly as you fixed it.

What are so special?

An infinitely shiny hold. Plus a super-fine, extraordinarily dry, high-precision spray, that brushes out with ease. For constantly flawless and
highly natural results.

Compared to competitors

They guarantee exceptional shine whilst maintaining a surprisingly natural effect. The hair is sculpted, incredibly shiny, yet light and natural in motion.

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